Sunday, April 17, 2011

My sneaky and mischevious Lucy

My Lucy, is one silly little girl. Here is alittle bit about my youngest. She is very silly and easy going. She  loves to make people laugh and smile. And her laugh is absolutely contagious:) She loves to tease and goof around. She is amazingly fearless and plays tough like alittle boy, but is extremely girly also. She loves shoes and jewelry. When she is mad she has a temper and when she is told to do something and doesn't want to listen she will run away. She likes to make messes! Where my oldest Belle is a clean freak and doesn't like to be dirty, Lucy has know problem with a mess. She will rub her dinner in her hair, all over her hands, face, stomach, legs. AND she is a sneaky, mischevious, a super adorable kid. She helps me to be more easy going as a mom and let things go. Let me give you an example...
        I was doing wash the other day. I put my whites in the dryer and went to help Belle pick out some pajamas. After I helped Belle I went to shut the Laundry room door and there was Lucy, smirking. Now when Lucy smirks it ALWAYS means she is up to something, but I looked at her, smiled and helped her out of the Laundry room thinking nothing of it. After I put the girls down for bed I went to take the whites out of the dryer to see dark green spots all over my whites. There was a melted crayon stuck right in the middle of my once nice clean whites. Now about a year ago I would have done one of two things...Either cried in complete frustration or freaked out and had a chat with my baby about what a no no that was. My reaction was a laugh! All I could think was, well we needed some new clothes I guess now is the time to get some. It is funny how over time mothering helps you become more patient, easy going and enjoy the little moments that pass so quickly. Even if those moments are a bunch of green tie dyed shirts:)

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